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Birth date: 26.05.2014

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila
Tituls: Ch. Russia. Ch. Finland. DM clear. Candidate for the club champions


Birth date: 30.04.2013

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila, Osipova Hatalia
Tituls: Ch. Russia


Birth date: 05.07.2015

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila, Osipova Hatalia
Tituls: Junior Champion of Russia, CH. Russia, BIG 3, BIG 2, Junior Club Winner, Junior Winner Lithuania club. T-1, HIT-1


Birth date: 18.04.2017

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila, Osipova Hatalia
Tituls: Best puppy, 15 BOB, Junior Champion of Russia, Ch Russia, Junior Champion of Belarus, DM clear, Champion of Belarus, 8Ch RKF, 8CACIB, Moscow winner 2019, BIG 2, RCACIB



Birth date: 01.12.2018

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila

Birth date: 10.05.2015

Owner: Petukhova Lyudmila, Grevtceva Tatiana
Tituls: JChRus, ChRussia, DM clear

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We are collecting funny histories about relations between bernese mountain dogs and chidlren. If you have something to tell us or you have some photos, email us at bernerhouse@rambler.ru, and we surely would publicate your history (and photos).