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Aeneas von Vindonissa

Birth date: 16.04.2002

Tituls: Multichampion, Interchampion, Champion of Russia, Romania, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Balkans and Sofia; winner of Champion Class at "Eurasia 2004", 7 CACIB, 2xR.CACIB


Birth date: 25.11.2006

Tituls: Champion of Russia, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Macedonia, CACIB


Birth date: 28.11.2010

Tituls: Champion of Russia, Club Champion, Ch. Russia, Junior Champion of Russia, Ch. RKF, Ch.Lithuania, Ch.Ukraina, 3-CACIB, DM clear


Birth date: 25.10.2010

Tituls:   Interchempion, Champion of Russia, Ch. RKF, Champion of Belarus, 4 CACIB, 3 R-CACIB, Ch. Slovenia, Ch. Ukraine, Ch. Moldova, BOB "Russia 2012"


Birth date: 11.11.2006

Tituls: Champion of Russia, Macedonia, Moldova Junior Champion, Junior Russian Champion, Ch. RKF



Birth date: 04.08.2013

Tituls: JChRus, Ch.Russia, Champion of Belarus,  2 CACIB


Birth date: 23.04.2000

Tituls: Champion of Russia


Birth date: 20.11.2002

Tituls: Champion of Russia, National Club Champion, Grand Champion of Russia


Birth date: 14.12.2003

Tituls: INTERCHEMPION, Multichampion, Champion of Russia, Bulgaria, the Balkans, Sofia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4hChempion RKF, Champion of the "Eurasia", 7 CACIB, 2 R.CACIB, BOB and CACIB at "Eurasia-2" 2006 and 2007


Birth date: 15.05.2005

Tituls: Multichampion, Interchampion (6xCACIB), Champion of Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Grand Champion of Bulgaria, Junior Champion of Russia, Winner of Russian National Club

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We are collecting funny histories about relations between bernese mountain dogs and chidlren. If you have something to tell us or you have some photos, email us at bernerhouse@rambler.ru, and we surely would publicate your history (and photos).